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Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that emphasizes the important role of thinking in how we feel and what we do.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy does not exist as a distinct therapeutic technique. The term "cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)" is a very general term for a classification of therapies with similarities. There are several approaches to cognitive-behavioral therapy, including Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Rational Behavior Therapy, Rational Living Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, and Dialectic Behavior Therapy.

However, most cognitive-behavioral therapies have the following characteristics:

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The EACBT offers General Membership to professionals, researchers & students who support the use of cognitive behavioral therapy to treat mental health disorders & improve health behaviors & who are dedicated to increased access to evidence-based, cost-effective models of care. Our membership promotes CBT as an effective form of treatment in the field & enhances collaborative relationships amongst individuals who utilize CBT.

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How to be a Certified Therapist?

Applicants must hold a diploma degree in CBT presented by the EACBT “Certificate of Cognitive Behavior Therapist” or the Academy of Cognitive therapy or present equivalent material to requirements of diplmate status. Applicants must be licensed for independent practice. If licensing is not available the applicant may present alternative credentials for review by the Association.

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Certified Therapists
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The EACBT encourages all acts of supporting its events, activities, &/or the organization itself. These sponsorship activities can be financially or through the provision of products or services.

Sponsorship in our sense aims to increasing the awareness, & brand building. Yet, unlike advertising, sponsorship can not communicate specific product attributes...

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Continuing Professional Development

The CPD Service’s recognized and authoritative CPD Certified symbols offer institutional associations, educational providers and consumers alike reassurance that the material concerned achieves the qualitative standards required by all parties.

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Continuing Professional Development

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