4th annual congress

The rise of CBT in Arab world: Cultural considerations of CBT practice.

Welcome Note:

Dear Honored Guests
The EACBT 2017
On behalf of the Egyptian Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (EACBT), I am honored to extend our warmest welcome to EACBT 2017.

Around its main theme "THE RISE OF CBT IN ARAB WORLD: CULTURAL CONSIDERATIONS OF CBT PRACTICE", this congress will bring together evidence-based CBT & cultural sensitivity in practicing. I order to fulfill the vision of a comprehensive effective psychotherapy in our region. We need to innovative ways of using CBT in concordance with the Arab culture which will provide the best service for our patients.

In addition, allow me to express our utmost appreciation to the National Institute of Training for their commitment to ensuring the success of this annual gathering. This event is considered a constructive conduit for the exchange of experience & expertise in cognitive behavior therapy in Egypt & the Arab world, and it promises to be rewarding for all workers in the field of mental health.

We wish you a wonderful time, and hope that you bring home the most beautiful memories.

Congress President
Prof. Hisham Ramy

Congress Director
Dr. Reham Aly
EACBT President

Pre-congress workshops

Topic Moderators

"CBT for anciety and depression: fundamental skills & essencial practices"

  • Prof. Hisham Ramy
  • Dr. Reham Aly

"CBT for social incompetence's in ADHD"

  • Prof. Safeya Effat
  • Dr. Safaa Eraky

"فنيات العلاج المعرفي السلوكي متعدد المحاور لإضطرابات ما بعد الصدمة"

  • Dr. (Psych) Eman Abdel Halim Taha
  • Dr. Abeer Mohamed Anwar

"Sex therapy"

  • Prof. Mehmet Sungur

"Trauma-focused CBT: a protocol to help recovery from adversities"

  • Dr. Adel El Agawany
  • Dr. Neamaat Aly

"DBT skills for behavioural & emotional problems in adolescents"

  • Prof. Amany Haroon El Rasheed
  • Prof. Hanan Azzam
  • Dr. Hanan El Rassas

"Non violent communication"

  • Dr. Ahmed Dobeaa

Scientific Program:

Lecture Chair persons

"Cultural adapttion of psychotherpy"

Prof. Ahmed Saad
  • Prof. Safeya Effat
  • Prof. Noha Sabry

"CBT for eating disorders in dolescents. Do we need cultural changes?"

Prof. Azza El Bakry

"Conduct disorder and behabioural problems. new prespectives on intervention"

Prof. Safeya Effat
  • Prof. Azza El bakry
  • Prof. Wafaa Hagag
  • Prof. Gamal Shamma

"Psychotherapy for borderline personality disorder in teenagers. pits for early detection and management"

Prof. Noha El Sayed

"Transference in cognitive behaviour therapy"

Col. Dr. Ehab El Baz
  • Gnrl. Prof. Maged Bahey
  • Dr. Reham Aly

"Meeting the treatment needs of children with ADHD: Can cognitive strategies make a contribution?"

Dr. Mahmoud Farag

"Cancer is a word, not a sentence"

Dr. Mansour Mansour
  • Prof. (Psych) Essam M Zidan
  • Dr. Safaa Eraky

"العلاج المعرفي السلوكي للوظائف التنفيذية للاطفال مرضي إضطراب فرط الحركة وتشتت الانتباه"

Dr. (Psych) Walaa Mohamed (Psych) Ayat Nagy
Lecture Chair persons

"Contributions of motivational interviewing in psychiatry: A cultural prespective"

Prof. Wafaa El Bahaey
  • Prof. Magda Fahmy
  • Prof. Abdel Nasser Omar
  • Prof. Abdel Reda Ismael

"CBT in the 21st century"

Prof. Amany Haroon El Rasheed

"CBT in group psychotherapy: An Egyptian experience"

Prof. Noha Sabry
  • Prof. Wafaa El Bahaey
  • Prof. Amany Haroon
  • Prof. Mohamed Fekry

"Comprehensive CBT program for obsessive/ compulsive disorders in children and adolescents"

Prof. Nermeen Shaker

"Cognitive behavioural treatment for chronic pain"

Asst. Prof. Eman Shurab
  • Prof. Hala El Boraey
  • Prof. Nermeen Shaker
  • Prof. Mohamed Zohdy

"Practical challenges for CBT for selective mutism in children"

Dr. Eman Gaber

"EMDR & CBT for patients after Trauma"

Dr. (Psych) Shabaan Fadl
  • Prof. (Psych) M A Khataab
  • Prof. Eman Abdel Haleem

"الإبداع والمرض النفسي: العلاقات المتشابكة"

Dr. (Psych) Ayman Amer
Lecture Chair persons
Plenary lecture

"Trans-culture aspects in practicing cognitive bevaviour therapy"

Prof. Ahmed Okasha
  • Prof. Mostafa Shaheen
  • Prof. Hesham Ramy
  • Dr. Khalid Saeed

"The untold story of psychiatric treatment: Pathway to cognitive bevaviour therapy"

Prof. Hisham Ramy
  • Prof. Mostafa Shaheen
  • Dr. Khalid Saeed

"The art of tuning cognitive bevaviour therapy"

Dr. Reham Aly
  • Prof. Hesham Ramy
  • Gnrl. Prof. Maged Bahey
  • Dr. Khalid Saeed

"Dissemination is not enough: Disseminating good practice of CBT and issues regarding accreditation"

Prof. Mehmet Sungur
  • Prof. Ahmed Saad
  • Prof. Hesham Ramy
  • Dr. Raham Aly