The EACBT offers General Membership to professionals, researchers & students who support the use of cognitive behavioral therapy to treat mental health disorders & improve health behaviors & who are dedicated to increased access to evidence-based, cost-effective models of care.
Our membership promotes CBT as an effective form of treatment in the field & enhances collaborative relationships amongst individuals who utilize CBT.

Benefits of General Membership

  • Joining the EACBT List of correspondence
  • Eligibility for the Membership discount on all activities
  • Prioritized participation in educational and training activities

Who is eligible?

The Egyptian Association current membership reflects the broad range of professional involved in applying behavioural and cognitive approaches to the wide variety of human problems. Applicable Members include:

Clinical Psychologists Researchers and Academics
Educational Psychologists Occupational Therapists
Psychiatrists Social Workers
Speech Therapists General Practitioners
Nurses Counselors
Teachers Students

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