5th annual congress

CBT & Medication in the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders: from Theory to Practice

Welcome Note:

Dear Honored Guests
On behalf of the Egyptian Association of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (EACBT), We are honored to welcome you to the EACBT 2018.

Upon reviewing state-of-art practice and significant body of evidence, it was decided to title the EACBT 2018 "CBT & Medication in the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders: from Theory to Practice". Hence, the EACBT 2018 binds good clinical cognitive behavioral therapy techniques and practice to update psychopharmacological trends for management of psychiatric disorders.

The pursuit of a comprehensive effective management plan for patients suffering from psychiatric disorders mandates the innovation of means of combination of CBT with psycho-pharmacotherapy to provide the best service for our patients.

The EACBT 2018 also aims to convey fresh CBT techniques for management of the most complicated psychiatric disorders in both adults, children and among a special population. Finally, the EACBT 2018 is honored t expect a group of prestigious speakers & expertise nationally, regionally and internationally to join us at the National Training Institute, Cairo Egypt from 22nd till 24th February 2018.

We look forward to welcoming you all to the EACBT 2018 & wish you fruitful and enjoyable time with us.

Congress President
Prof. Hisham Ramy

EACBT President
Dr. Reham Aly


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